An Overview of Iran, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela OFAC Sanctions Regimes

50 SW 12th St. (Brickell), Miami FL 33130

This session will walk you through the core requirements of several vital OFAC programs impacting corporations and financial institutions. What is allowed and what can get you into trouble with OFAC? What is the future of the JCPOA after Trump’s “exit”? This section will provide the latest updates on:

  • Iran
  • Russia/Ukraine
  • Venezuela
  • Cuba


Speaker: Peter Jeydel


Sample topics for discussion:

  • How does the latest “U-turn” on ZTE transactions affect US corporations?
  • How can a financial institution or corporation prepare for the JCPOA roll back?
  • How will the Venezuela regulations affect US companies’ ability to do business in Venezuela?
  • What kind of dealings in dividend payments or other distribution of profits to the Government of Venezuela (or entities related to them) are still allowed?
  • Hiring Cuban citizens in Cuba for employment at a US facility: can you and, if so, what do you need to know?
  • When can you use License Exception SCP (Support for the Cuban People)? What are the considerations/limitations you need to keep in mind?
  • Extraterritorial reach: risks posed to non-US exporters and financial institutions involved in trade transactions in high-risk jurisdictions